Shaman Talent Builds

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shaman_talent_buildsWhen choosing your shaman talent build you’ll have to take a close look at the wide variety of talents available. Your personal play style and needs in a talent spec will vary your talent selections considerable. So it’s important you take careful consideration when determining your shaman talent build.

Restoration Shaman Talent Builds

As you may be able to tell, there are quite a few variations for restoration shaman builds. With so many good talents it’s hard to say that any one spec is “the best”. In my opinion you just have to play a few different shaman talent builds and see what you’re comfortable with. Each shaman build offers a slightly different play style, which may or may not fit your individual needs.

PvE resto shaman talent builds on the other hand are a bit different…if you’re serious about pve healing as a shaman you’re going to be chain healing, a lot, so there’s no need to waste points elsewhere. You have very few options in the talents you choose for a pve healing spec.

PvP Restoration Shaman Talent Builds

  • 0/13/58 – high healing, high mana longevity, my preferred spec
  • 0/15/56 – variation of 0/13/58 build
  • 0/14/57 – variation of 0/13/58 build
  • 0/11/60 – max healing with shamanistic focus
  • 0/20/51 - great survivability, minimal mana longevity, ideal with a backup healer
  • 16/0/55 - resto hybrid build, ideal for shamans who are very offensive in arena

PvE Restoration Shaman Builds

  • 0/14/57 – raid healing, chain healing optimized, my preference
  • 0/13/58 – raid healing, chain heal optimized, situational use for heavy single target healing
  • 0/13/58 – raid healing, chain heal optimized, variation of the above 0/13/58 shaman talent build

Elemental Shaman Talent Builds

As far as PvP elemental builds are concerned there is a lot of leeway in the talents you decide to pick up. Below Ive listed a few of my preferred talent specs, but there are numerous others. It all depends on your preferences as a player. Unfortunately there isn’t nearly as much sway as far as pve elemental shaman talent builds are concerned. If you’re spec’n for the purposing of simply producing the most DPS then the shaman talent build below is going to be the best, plain and simple.

PvP Elemental Shaman Talent Builds

  • 57/14/0 – standard pvp elemental build
  • 57/14/0 – variation on the standard pvp elemental build

PvE Elemental Shaman Talent Builds

  • 57/14/0 – standard pve elemental build, optimized for maximum DPS

Enhancement Shaman Talent Builds

Much like resto and elemental shaman talent builds, enhancement is plagued by the same symptoms of variability in the PvP spec and a very un-variable PvE spec. If you’re looking for an enhancement shaman talent build you’re pretty much stuck with what I’ve listed below. For PvP you’ve got a few additional choices, but overall the 17/54/0 build is still a solid choice overall.

PvP Enhancement Shaman Talent Builds

  • 17/54/0 – standard pvp enhancement shaman talent build

PvE Enhancement Shaman Talent Builds

  • 17/54/0 – standard pve enhancement shaman talent build
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Author: Zuggy

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  1. In the PvP Shaman Elemental builds… you haven’t included imp fire nova totem.

    Once you pick it up, you’ll never be able to leave it, that 2 second stun has saved me more times than I could possibly count and is well worth the points.

    Your playstyle has to change a bit, where you pop down fire nova totem as soon as you can in any fight, almost all enemy players will ignore it. It gives you time to get off a Lava Burst, or switch to ghost wolf to get some distance, or even just pop another grounding totem down along with a poison cleansing totem or disease cleansing totem.

    The biggest thing missing from elemental builds is the ability to get breathing space, as soon as your thunderstorm is used, you’ve only got hex’ing left, which isn’t instant and is often very ineffective at actually controlling the fight.

    So… in short, don’t miss out on our only real way of stunning enemys :) (unless of course they are stupid enough to hit stoneclaw totem).

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that Elemental Weapons’ effect on Windfury Weapon makes WF procs hit 40% harder, not a 40% increase in the AP bonus. It’s indispensable in any Enhance build.

    Call of Flames is not necessary in any build.

  3. No, you’re 100% correct, Hadden. I must have overlooked the talent point selections when I initially created that built. I made the adjustment and updated the link, thanks for the notification.

  4. Great post! I linked to your site from the MMO Channel on

    I play a Resto Shaman who raids regularly and also pvp’s. My build is similar to the ones you’ve posted, except that I opted out of Healing Way since I rarely use Healing Wave. Also, I only put 2 points in Ancestral Healing with 2 additional points in Tidal Focus.

    As for my different choices in Enhancement Talents, I only put 2 points in Thundering Strikes. I put 3 points in Improved Shields and now I rarely run out of mana. I also opted for instant ghost wolf which enables me to run away from opponents and heal myself. I’m sure it’s annoying for those who are trying to defeat me but it saves me more often than not!

  5. @Shalini – that’s the one thing I really love about the shaman class, there’s no “absolute” spec, so many talents can be chosen or neglected based purely on playstyle.

  6. i agree with zuggy its what ever you prefer with a resto shammy but your builds are really good i like your first talent tree the best for pvp

  7. (a repost as it seems my real email is getting blocked everywhere — ugh)

    Any potential in updating this for 3.1 talents? All the links are currently broken now, some of them too close to tell what direction you were actually heading in.

  8. i’ll try to get them updated once the talent changes for the upcoming patch are finalized

  9. Thanks for the tips man, you’ve really helped me take what you have here and put together my own spec. Happy gaming!

  10. zug i use your builds all the time and im pwning so thank u for the awesomeniss :)

  11. @albee – hey man, glad to do it! I’m thrilled they are helping you dominate! =D

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