Frost Mage 2v2 Arena Video

frost_mage_arena_pvpAll you mages out there that have been feverishly waiting for the first good PvP videos can rest easy tonight, the wait is finally over! A good friend of mine on Smolderthorn, Xtk, recently released his first 2v2 mage arena video with his partner, Xmo. The video is shot from Xmo’s PoV and features the duo against a wide variety of 2v2 teams. Both mages play the 20/0/51 frost talent build.

Overall I really enjoyed this video and feel that it gives and excellent overview of how to play the combo, and arena mage in general. That said…there were a few things that bothered me.

What Annoyed Me?

  1. To say the music was bad would just be inappropriate, the first track is the single worst song I’ve ever heard in a WoW video. The others weren’t much better, but at least they didn’t scream at me for a solid 4 minutes.
  2. In true Neilyo-esque fashion Xmo insists on the continual zoom in on the “impressive” stuff. This type of narcissistic and egotistical crap just flat out pisses me off. I don’t need a special close up on every God-forsaken iceblock and counterspell to “prove” that you’re good. In all honesty if the other mage in this video wasn’t my friend I would have turned it off immediately.

What were the pros?

  1. I loved the variability of teams and the overall excitement of each game. It was a great video to watch both from an educational and entertainment perspective.
  2. Great tempo throughout the video, once things actually got going it moved at a nice pace.
  3. Excellent introduction, really liked the music used here and crispness of each cut. Well done.

Video Details

  • Category: Arena PvP – 2v2
  • Classes: Mage / Mage
  • Talent Specs: Both Frost, 20/0/51
  • Players: Xmo & Xtk
  • Download: Filefront
  • Stream: Below

Note from Author, Xmo:

Xmo and Xtk 2v2 Double Frost Mage Arena

Two Undead Males mindlessly zerging to extremely emo music.


All clips taken around 1700-1800 on BG1.

*At the time of rendering we were highest double frost mage in the world, this is no longer true.
*In no way do we think double frost mage is a great combo, it’s powerful but often extremely frustrating.

Songs –
Start Something by Lost Prophets
I’m a Fake by The Used
Vitamin by Incubus
Madness6(Remix) by Cheshyre
Worth Dying For by Rise Against

Contact us on Smolderthorn realm forums for questions/comments.

Thanks for watching and enjoy.

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Author: Zuggy

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  1. Entierely agreed on the first two points; the music was indeed terrible. This is a matter of opinion, obviously, but it just wasn’t fitting anyway, even if I were to like it.

    How do they know that they’re the “top” frostmage frostmage combo in the world, anyway? That’s so… uncalled for, so… how to say… just plainly lame.

    Can iceblock out of pom pyro? Awesome. Grats. Etc. No need to show 7 of them in a row, especially when it’s the against the same mage.

    Maybe I’m just biaised because I generally dislike videos like that, most especially arenas, but really, this is just random numbers popping on my screen.

    not impressed

  2. it’s no saru and tharbad thats for sure, but all in all i liked it :)

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