WotLK Launch Extravaganza – Mega Sale on Gold Mastery Guide & More!

zuggy's gold mastery guide

As I write this we are just a few short hours from the official launch of the Wrath of the Lich King in north america. Soon we’ll all be on our way to Northrend and level 80…but until then, it’s time to celebrate!

In celebration of the Wrath of the Lich King’s launch I’m holding a special on my book, Zuggy’s Gold Mastery Guide. If you purchase now you’ll receive an instant $12.00 off the regular price! Your purchase will help support Zug Gaming as we move forward to the WotLK beyond. Just my way of saying thanks for helping Zug Gaming become such an amazing site and community.

What’s in Zuggy’s Gold Mastery Guide?

  • The secrets to 300g+ an hour!
  • An investment for the future, free updates for life! (including WotLK)
  • Auction House Domination, including advanced tutorial and secret market niches
  • Secret grinding locations
  • Professions gold mastery
  • Entry to the Zug Gaming Total Access Club
  • Invitation to Total Access Club Events
  • Free and unlimited one on one email support
  • a 100% unconditional money back guarantee, if it doesn’t work for you I don’t want to keep you money

Heard enough?…Find out how you can get your copy of Zuggy’s Gold Mastery Guide now!

This sale will last all the way through Sunday (11/16).

More Launch Night News

Best Haircut of Azeroth Contest!

In addition the the huge sale on my gold mastery guide I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the Best Haircut of Azeroth Contest is still open for entry! Now is your chance to show the world your best hair styles using the new WoW barber shop feature. Check out this post for full contest details and see how you can win a free 60 day game card and a copy of Zuggy’s Gold Mastery Guide!

Site News for WotLK

Just a few final notes regarding upcoming guides and stratgies on Zug Gaming. First off, thanks for all the concerned emails regarding the talent spec guides. WoWhead made a few changes to their code and as a result left 100% of my linked talent builds broken. I’ll be creating new level 80 talent builds for all classes in the coming weeks, at which point these will be fixed.

While we’re on the topic of talent specs I’d like to go ahead and announce the rebirth of the Zug Gaming Talent Calculator. It’s fairly close, but my limited coding knowlege is slowing my progress. I’m currently looking for a programmer fluent in javascript to assist me in the final steps of completion of this project.

Additionally, I’ve got big plans for a host of new guides and strategies. I’ll be covering everything from arena to dungeons, professions to gold farming, if it’s in the WotLK you’ll find it here!

Relaunch of Zug Gaming Newsletter Club

I started the Zug Gaming Club several months ago, and while it got off to a solid start obligations with school and work kept me from really spending as much attention on it as I would have liked. With most of those obligations under relative control I’ve decided to start the Zug Gaming Club back up!

You can sign up for free using the form to the right in the side bar. After signing up you’ll receive a confirmation email, make sure you click this to start receiving members updates, announcments, tips, and more!

Join the Team!

I’m always looking for strong, personable writers to join the Team Zug Gaming writers staff. If you’re interested in the opportunity to help Zug Gaming continue to grow and have your guides read by hundreds of thousands of WoW gamers every month please don’t hesitate to send me an email at support(at)zuggaming(dot)com or click the contact link above.

Spread the Word

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  • Tell your friends and guild mates
  • Link to posts and the home page on forums, emails, in-game, etc.


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