Class Forums Will Remain

In typical Blizzard fashion the devs have decided to pull a complete 180 after announcing that the class forums will be removed in place in “role forums”. The role forums are still going into effect, but the class forums will remain as they are.

We have decided that the class forums will stay along with the new role-based forums.

To be clear, the primary purpose of the class forums will be for players to present information to other players. The developers will not have a large presence there except to moderate. If you want to discuss class balance, this is the place.

If you want to discuss optimal dps rotations, try and decide on a talent spec, or ask someone what gear you should be using at level 70, class forums work great for that.

If you start a long thread in the class forums about how your class is the weakest on in the game or how you can’t beat mages in PvP, those threads will probably get locked or deleted. Those discussions belong here where you will have to contend with other players who just might disagree (as well as the blues).

Source: Blizzard

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