WotLK Motorcycle Mount – Mechano-Hog Glory!

One of the most anticipated features of beta was finally introduced with this most recent build and the addition of the “mechano-hog” motorcycle mount. This motorcycle mount is the newest (and currently most bad ass) item of the engineering profession.


  • Requires 450 Engineering to craft and use (maybe)
  • Requires level 80
  • Requires 150+ riding skill
  • You can carry one passenger in the side car.

I was pretty much a 100% definite to go inscription on my shaman, but after seeing how cool the new hog looks I’m not so sure!

On a side note, no word yet if this mount will be BoP for engineers or not. Presumably yes, but having this mount available to players outside of the engineering profession would provide a very unique source of income for engineers. A profession that is normally crippled by it’s inability to provide anything other than novelty items.

Thanks to my friends over at deathknight.info who initially found this video.

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Author: Zuggy

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  1. One thing to say about this:


    Swords, crossbows, daggers, polearms, Motorcyles?? WTF

  2. are you crazy!? it looks awesome…hahah

  3. Maybe Taurens and Orcs in the side car will slow it down :P

  4. lol that would be funny but i so want one finally i’ll be able to take people around with me

  5. lol yaaay im engeneeerrr! im gonna make this and then make a cab company named kaufman cabs pay for transport from sw too if 20 s lol !

  6. the new transport paaenger system is really cool looking, especially the mammoth.


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