WotLK Warlock Changes – Major Talent Buffs

The following is a guest commentary submitted by Menagus of the Zug Gaming forums.

Now everyone and their dog knows that warlocks are already ridiculously OP in PvE, as well as PvP. So what does Blizzard decide to do for Wrath of the Lich King? ……buff them, apparently.

Corruption is now instant cast without talent.

We’re going to make Corruption base instant cast. The Improved Corruption talent will now increase Corruption’s damage by 4/8/12/16/20%.

Ruin and Devastation changes

In an upcoming build we are changing Ruin to a 5-point talent. However, it will swap places with Devastation. Devastation will become a 1-point talent (5% spell crit). This will be a minimal change to the Destruction Warlock, while opening up Ruin to other builds without having them sacrifice their 51-point talents.

Metamorphosis changes

We recently re-designed Metamorphosis for an upcoming build. Some changes:

  • It will no longer remove your pet (your pet remains)
  • It increases your armor by 600%, up from 360%
  • It increases all your damage by 40%
  • You can still cast your regular Warlock spells
  • You gain access to a few new unique Demon Form abilities that can only be used in Demon Form

Among some other improvements. It will be changed back to a 5-minute cooldown, however (with a 45 second duration). With the changes to Ruin, you can also get Metamorphosis and Ruin in a build if you wish.

Pandemic Changes

Going to be changing the visual and some other aspects of the talent soon, not going to have the Shadow Bolt graphic.

warlock metamorphosisSeriously, I wish I had a lock about right now. Metamorphosis looks absolutely amazing. If I had to fathom a guess, this ability is going to have to be nerfed pretty hard in order to balance it accordingly. In fact, I have heard from a few sources that some of the warlocks in the beta think that this is even a bit too much of a buff (yeah, hard to believe, huh -.-). In any case, the change to improved corruption has been a long time crying – many warlocks have called for that for who knows how long.

Looks like everyone will be stacking warlocks in raids if these changes stay, their dps is going to be off the charts.

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Author: Zuggy

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  1. Lol, luckily I have one of these as well, will have to try it out. ;)

  2. congrats! you are the new druid…which ironically enough was the new warlock when TBC released. But this can only mean one thing…druids are the new warlocks of World of Warcraft: The Emerald Dream! oh noes! =D

  3. Lol. It will be fun trying all the new talents, etc when it comes out. Christmas in Azeroth :P Going to be transfering my priest over to one of my buddy’s servers when i get back, so she’ll be 70 by the time the new XP comes out. Will give me something to do while I re-adjust to the US of A. ;)

  4. Yeah…even as overpowered as locks are I still can’t wait 3.0, it’s going to be a blast!

  5. There are some things in the post that are not quite right: for instance the corruption talent do help make corruption an instant cast, so the first argument isn’t true, also the metamorphosis post, changing to demon form will dismiss your pet until you return to “humanoid” form and other sort of things.

    so please read some of the official and special websites before posting something like locks are OP and are going to be buffed up in the web.

    I say it more in favor that you get credibility than to bother you.


  6. @the above poster – with all do respect, wotlkwiki is not an official source, and in this case the wow talent calcs are not valid either, as they are not updated as often as these changes come pouring in.

    All of my sources come directly from blue posters on the official World of Warcraft forums. These are not rumors or speculation, but direct citations from Blizzard employees who are commenting on the most up to do changes to the class which are to be implemented on the wotlk beta.

  7. This did so boost up my selfesteem as a warlock.

  8. Locks have been nerfed as of patch 3.0.2 while the rest got buffed.
    Guess because of posts like this.

  9. @Apos, what do you mean “posts like this posts”?

    Posts which simply state the changes Blizzard has implemented?

  10. With all due respect, Apos, we try to keep a mature air around these parts. I would ask that you please refrain from making rude comments like these in the future. Obviously, “posts like this” have nothing to do with the way Blizzard balances the game. Intensive in-game testing by their devs and personal testers are what ultimately decides what happens to balance. In no way do posts by myself, Donjo, or Zuggy have any effect on what Blizzard does.

    Furthermore, I was simply stating facts. At the time of this post, everything listed above had occurred, and it was obvious that locks were going to be extremely powerful. It’s unfortunate that they were nerfed, but it’s out of our control.

  11. Ouch and I thought their armor was bad enough to burn through…

  12. I have to say that Zuggy and Menagus are rather wrong in criticising Apos. The “facts” that this article contained are in the most part all things which did happen in 3.0.2 but Warlocks didn’t “go off the charts” (except maybe the bottom).

    Menagus, you may have highlighted some nice things about Warlock changes, but they weren’t the only changes even suggested at the time. So it seems the original article was at the very least very misleading, if not just wrong in its conclusions. It also failed to observe that many other classes were being buffed in ways far more powerful than the few nice changes for warlocks.

  13. I won’t disagree with your conclusion, Adam. These buffs at the time seemed excessive at the very least, but of course we (like everyone else) are purely speculating on how these changes will actually work out when everything goes live.

    There’s no denying that warlocks are in low man on the totem pole currently, but I think it’s still hard to judge for sure either way until we see the way all the classes work at level 80.

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