Naxxramas in Wrath of the Lich King

naxxaramas wrath of the lich kingFor those of you who have been around for a while you may remember the Naxxaramas of the past. It was the most difficult and uniquely designed dungeon in the Burning Crusade, so difficult in fact that it’s estimated that less 5% of the WoW population ever killed more than 1 boss.

For hardcore raiders (including myself at the time) it was a dream come true. It was jammed packed with a host of interesting encounters, graphical beauty, and of course...kick ass items. And now, for better or worse, this dream instance is coming back for Wrath of the Lich King.

Naxx will be tuned for both 10 and 25 man groups. Thus allowing for players of all time constraints the opportunity to see Blizzard’s finest piece of dungeon mastery. A blue post confirmed the approaching wotlk beta update.

The trash has indeed been adjusted. Highlights include:

  • Longer trash sections between bosses (to Patchwerk, to Razuvious, to Faerlina) have been toned down.
  • Heigan gauntlet is no longer a gauntlet, now there’s a very small one AFTER Heigan.
  • A few new creatures have been added in a couple places.
  • Newer models for many of the creatures.
  • Some of the trash encounters have different numbers of creatures for 10 and 25 player modes.

One other thing…

Naxxramas should be available for beta testing soon in both 10 and 25 player flavors, including loot!

The new Naxx is something I have mixed feelings about. Prior to the Burning Crusade’s release I raided as a part of one of the top raiding guilds in the world. Personally I have this built of image of what the new Naxx should be like, and I only hope they don’t disappoint.

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Author: Zuggy

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  1. I never got to do Naxx back in the day. Now, I will be able to give it a shot ;)
    It’s nice to see that they will be adjusting some of the new content to where people will actually play it. I know from try to level a new character a few months ago that after ZF and Sunken Temple, it’s impossible to get a group for anthing else. Sad really. There’s all that content that no one plays anymore. Maybe that will all be changing…have to wait and see.

  2. You make a very good point, Absent, and I think this is blizzard’s main justification for back-patching these instances. It really will be nice to see more players experience the content, even if it’s not in it’s original state.

  3. I fully support it. I think it’s a great idea. I especially like the 10 OR 25 man aspect. It will obviously be much easier to get a 10 man group. ;)

  4. I heard this evening that a pug group of sunwell geared players cleared the 10 man version on the first night.. I really hope they buff the encounters and make them at least a little bit more difficult.

    A brand new dungeon already on farm would be very disappointing.

  5. Yeah…clearing it in one night is a bit much….shouldn’t be that easy. Otherwise, every scrub and their mother will be trying to come in their lamo non-worked for gear….

  6. I’ve always been a very firm believer that Blizzard should modify all the raid instances of the past so that they become viable (and wanted) at the current level cap of the game.

    For example, the Molten Core, BWL, Naxx of the past are no longer visited unless by old-school gamers (like myself) for the fun factor.

    Prehaps an idea would be to modify the old raid instances so that if you are over the level that raid was intended for (60 for BWL, 70 for BT etc.) the raid should become a 5 person version, thus changing into an instance with similar looking or named items but for the relevant level (eg remove the tier gear (1, 2, 3…) and replace it with blues or epics that are for level 80)). This in turn might keep the old content accessible and playable with just rewards meaning the hard work Blizzard have put in will not go to waste.

    Or prehaps with the loot, make old raid instances as hard or equal to the new level 80 5 man instances or 10/25 man raids and have similar or same loot drops. I know it doesn’t follow the story of Nefarian < Illidan < Kil’Jaeden < Arthas but think of being able have fun in AQ20 and AQ40 and having an actual good reasoning for doing so rather than just seeing these fantastic raids just go to waste and be visited once every few months by a Paladin or Shaman looking to solo Chromaggus :'(

    Layalina, Shaman, EU Terenas

  7. you make a good point Layalina, but I think the sheer man hours it would take to retrofit the old dungeons would just too time consuming. Personally I never want to set foot in MC again, I don’t think old school gamers would really care much to repeat content 3 and 4 years old.

  8. I think that the sheer achievements you can receive by going back and doing things like blackrock spire and getting the title Jenkins added to your name gives the incentive to some players A) for the title or B) to complete as many achievements possible

  9. I agree completely, Bloodelf06. I’m actually excited to go and see some of the old world content I haven’t been to in years.

  10. I personally think that taking Naxx (one of the hardest raids, even at 70) and making into a first raid for 80 (like Kara) is a slap in the face to ppl who worked hard to do it b4 BC.

  11. I won’t disagree with Hated…the old Naxx truly was an epic raid, but unfortunately those days are gone. I suppose it’s better that everyone get to experience the dungeon, even it the deluded state, than never at all.


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