Warrior Guide

warrior guideThis warrior guide is intended to be a compilation of all warrior arena strategies, warrior pvp guides, warrior tips, warrior talent builds, warrior raiding guides and any other resources that may be useful to improving your game as a warrior in World of Warcraft.

This central guide will be updated as often as possible to reflect new changes to the class as well as updated information. If you would like to suggest a guide to appear on this warrior guide please post a comment below or post a note on the Zug Gaming forums.

Warrior PvP Guides

This section on warrior arena guides will incorporate as many arena team specific strategies in addition to other PvP guides related to the warrior class.

Warrior Talent Builds

Warrior Macros

Other Guides

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  1. Step 1: Get a warrior to 70.
    Step 2: Find a resto druid.
    Step 3: 2300 rating.

  2. I wish you weren’t so correct.

  3. Every time I beat a warrior in an arena I giggle, and want to bow before the feet of the people who came up with various dual dps combos.

  4. Hell, every time we beat a warrior/druid team, I know how bad they are, and can’t even let myself feel like I have accomplished something.


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