Mage / Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

Mage / Rogue has been around for a long time, and one of the most popular dual dps cookie cutters around. That said, novices beware this comp is no walk in the park. Your success relies on good communication between you and your partner, also keeping a cool head. This setup has the potential to rob you of your sanity if you don’t relax.

Rogue Talent Spec

Take a standard 20/0/41 Shadowstep spec. If you’re looking for the point break down, check out Zuggy’s rogue arena specs guide.

Mage Talent Specs

I highly recommend a 17/0/44 deep frost, but some may prefer a full 61-point frost build. I’ve found Imp CS really helpful though. Make sure to check out Zuggy’s full guide on mage talent builds for further information.

Trinket Selection

The rogue will probably want to run with a Battlemaster’s Trinket, the mage might want to aswell but my partner prefers an offensive trinket so it really comes down to what you think you’ll benefit most from. In the end it’s your personal preference. I like the idea of having the battlemaster’s so you have a few final seconds to pull together a win.


PVE gear is in no way required or even really wanted. True that your damage output is important, but you’ll be running CC trains so it’s more about control than damage really. Gem offensively rogues, while mages might want to gem for some stam and resil, while keeping spell damage at a good amount. Don’t run into a match without atleast 10k health.


Much like any other dual dps team there is little to no room for error. You mess up your CC, your goose could..and probably will be cooked in a matter of seconds.

Other advice

Take a look at this 2v2 guide for mages by Orichi.

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Author: S-Scythe

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  1. just added a minor points and insights to make sure everything was filled out well, looks great scythe! I’ll see if I can add some of the class comp strategies this evening.

  2. Alright thanks for the page tuning! Now I’d really like to start writing, but I don’t know where to start…I mean I was waiting on that V-guy to ask for some specific strategy, but we seemed to have swayed off topic completely, heh.


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