Zuggy’s Gold Mastery Guide 2.0 Coming Soon!

zuggy\'s gold mastery guideHey guys, just wanted to take a brief moment to let everyone know that I am working on a major update for my gold guide. It’s been a while since my last update and it’s well over due. I’ll be completely revamping and adding new strategies to virtually every aspect of the guide.

  • Full and detailed Auction House Domination Guide
  • Updated Grinding Guide, new locations, new items
  • Enhanced Professions Section with easier ways to make quick profits
  • 2 New Secret Guides that I don’t want to reveal yet, but trust me…a few tips from each of them and you’ll really be living it up

I expect to have all of these new guides released within a week. So all new customers and customers who have previously purchased my book will be getting these updates.

This major update is in preparation for the WotLK expansion, which when it goes live I’ll be doing another major update to reflect all the new information that becomes available. Which in turn will be made sent out free to all members.

  1. WoW Gold Farming Tip #1
  2. Happy Birthday to Zug Gaming!
  3. WoW Gold Tip Video #2 – Alchemy, Professions, and Server Economy 101
  4. Mage Guide

Author: Zuggy

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