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40 Rogue Alterac Valley Super Raid Video!

Well, in my continual effort to do ridiculous things on Friday night in World of Warcraft I decided to organize the very first 40 man rogue raid on Alterac Valley. The raid went better than I could have ever imagined. It took about 40 minutes to find enough rogues to fill the slots, but once we had Smolderthorn’s finest together we rolled out for glory.

While there was some initial doubt amongst the ranks that we could actually win without any healers, these fears were immediately put to rest. We successfully played 2 AVs as a group and won both! Make sure to check out the video below for the hilarious exploits!

High Quality Download


  • Rhapsody – Dawn of Victory


  • Ace3
  • AG Unit Frames
  • OmniCC
  • Quartz
  • Preform AV Enabler
  • SCT
  1. Zuggy 2 – Rogue Arena Video
  2. Rogue / Priest 2v2 Arena Video – Zuggy 1
  3. Shadowstep Rogue PvP Video
  4. Moonkin Druid / Rogue 2v2 Arena Video: Buddhist & Lewt
  5. Rogue / Priest 2v2 Arena Strategy Breakdown (Video)


2 Responses to “40 Rogue Alterac Valley Super Raid Video!”

  1. Jose Solis on February 11th, 2009 6:18 am

    this has to be the best AV video i’ve ever seen. i play a rogue myself. his name is sneakums on skullcrusher. only level 73, but i’ve been spending most of my time making gold instead of leveling. =X wish i was on your server and been a part of that

  2. Zuggy on February 11th, 2009 5:44 pm

    one of my top 5 moments ever on my rogue =D

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