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mage guideThis post is designed to bring all current Zug Gaming mage guides together for easy viewing. While this mage guide is quite modest currently, I will be continually adding new guides and resources. Among those I have planned are: mage leveling guide, mage aoe guide, mage pvp guide, frost mage guide, fire mage guide, arcane mage guide, in addition to many others.

I’ll try to get to these as quickly as possible and I thank you for your patience. If you think there is a guide which needs immediate attention or you’d like to suggest something I’ve left out please drop me a note on the Zug Gaming forums.

Mage Arena Strategy

Mage Talent Guide

Mage PvE Guide

Mage Macro Guide

Other Helpful Mage Guides

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Author: Zuggy

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  1. A lot of the arena pvp information is outdated. Lower level spellcasts actually cost more than higher level ones now, for example.

  2. Yes, I’m aware. This guide is part of my extensive list of articles that need updating and / or re-writing completely.

  3. I’d just like to point out that this isn’t a problem only related to this site… People are constantly posting that Zuggy’s strategies need to be updated, but the poor guy is a college student and only really plays a rogue and shaman very often. Many of the strategies on this site have been user submitted, at least in part, so if you feel that things should be updated, make some specific suggestions and write a few strategies to help the guy out.

    If you’ve been looking around, most arena related sites have yet to update strategies for arena, including arenajunkies, and that’s all they do. The main problem is that there isn’t really a strategy as of yet to arenas these days. If they get around to balancing dps ouput with the ability for healers to be able to contribute to the match, then we’ll see strategies start creeping up.

    On a side note, most of the strategies around are still viable. Mage/rogue has always been the best bet for a mage in 2v2 and its still a strong comp, using the same strategies that have been used since they were first conceived. Mage/disc priest is no longer a very strong option, because priests cannot tank anything anymore like they used to.

  4. Dunno. Power infusion + arcane mage would be pretty evil.


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