Rogue / Warlock 2v2 Arena Strategy

rogue arena strategyLike most double DPS teams rogue / warlock is built on one central foundation, control. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of crowd control between the two classes. You’ve got sap, blind, cheap shot, kidney shot, kick, and gouge on the rogue front and fear, death coil, curses, and drains from the warlock.

All of these items are just part of the greater underlying mechanic in the rogue / warlock matrix, forcing the trinket. Any double DPS team is going to do a lot of damage, but the real difficult part in mastering these teams is learning to…
1) force the trinket (via initial crowd control)
2) put a long duration crowd control on a target (typically a healer) after the trinket has been used

It’s no easy task, but if you can master this basic mechanic of linked control controls then you’re well on your way to having a successful rogue / warlock team.

Arena Talent Specs
Shadowstep – 20/0/41
This is my personal preference. Plenty of cooldowns to stick to the your focus target, great short term damage burst, and survivability when called upon.

Shadowstep – 16/0/45
Same thing as the above build, only difference is you skip poison talents to get enveloping shadows and one more point in camo.

Other “viable” builds. Below are builds, which yes, you could use, but I don’t consider them to be the best option. These are builds which rely heavily on your play style for proper execution, if you are not comfortable and experienced playing them you should consider the specs I have listed above.

AR / Prep – 0/31/30
Standard AR / Prep with maces

Soul Link / Siphon Life 24/37/0
You basically have no other option but SL / SL as rogue / warlock. There are minor point variations you may choose, but for the most part it’s a pretty locked spec.
Soul Link / Siphon Life 27/34/0
Just one of many variations on the traditional SL / SL spec. The warlock’s play style will determine many of your talent choices.

Arena Gear / Equipment
Since you’re running without a healer survivability will be at a premium. By the same token, you need quick kills. I’d suggest just using all the honor and arena gear and stacking your offensive stats via gems and enchants.

In addition, you may consider using Battlemaster’s Determination. In my experience it can be the reason you win or lose a match.

Like the rogue, survivability is key. You should gem and enchant your gear to enhance your survivability as a warlock. I’d also suggest picking up the Battlemaster’s Audacity. A well timed trinket and a healthstone will be essential most matches.

Generally speaking I’d say 12,500 HP and 450 resilience is a good stat place to sit at.

Rogue / Warlock Arena Matchups:

Rogue Arena Macros:
Rogue Macro Guide
Rogue Focus Macros

Warlock Arena Macros:
Coming Soon!

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Author: Zuggy

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  1. Any chance we can get a strat specifically for a rogue/lock team trying to win against a discipline priest/rogue team? I see there is the opposite strat, but my team just got owned all night light night, lost 100 rating because the only teams playing was that combo :<

  2. Yeah, sure thing. I’ll work on the guide this evening and get it posted tomorrow afternoon.

  3. I love this combo.. seems a little broken lately though. Great strats, think we can see some more detailed strats against warrior/druid and druid/rogue? Would be MUCH appreciated. Any other strats posted would be great too :)

  4. Sure thing, I’ll see if I can get them both put together by tomorrow evening.

  5. Thanks :)


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