Rogue / Druid 2v2 Arena Strategy

rogue druid arena strategyThe druid / rogue combo is an excellent team matrix and has the potential to go to the highest ratings. At times it may seem weak, but with practice you’ll learn to master the mechanics of coordinated crowd control that this matrix requires.

As with any team, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Rogue / Druid Advantages:
-Awesome crowd control via the druid
-You can go out of combat (OOC) at virtually any time if something goes wrong or you need mana.
-Dual stealth.
-Lots of control via the rogue’s stuns and interrupts
-Very strong cooldowns and the ability to kite quite well.
-Ability to play both very offensively and defensively (spec depending)

Rogue / Druid Disadvantages:
-The druid must rely heavily on the rogue to lock down opposing targets, thus allowing the druid to crowd control and heal effectively
-Very precise matrix, timing is key in this matrix (specifically with cyclone)

Druid Arena Talent Builds
8/11/42 This is the baseline restoration build. It offers the most healing of any viable talent build for druids.
11/11/39 Similar to the build below, slightly less offensive allowing for additional points in healing centric talents.
13/11/37 A more offensive version of the restoration build. Drops points in some of the excessive healing talents for 20% range on balance spells, insect swarm, and improved moon fire.

34/0/27 This talent spec is vastly different than the above 3 I have listed. I requires a very offensive approach on both the rogue and druids part. While you pickup some of the good restoration talents you don’t have the ability to survive long durations as easily with this talent specs. However, plays comfortable with quickly shifting from defensive to offensive roles (IE..spamming wrath during bomb periods once you’ve got some crowd control out) will find this build well suited to them.

Need more spec advice? Druid Arena Talent Specs

Rogue Arena Talent Builds
49/0/12 (Heavy Poisons)
Mutilate is a viable spec, but it requires a very distinct “finesse” play style. If you’re not experienced with mutilate already I would not suggest playing it until you’ve had a chance to thoroughly advance your abilities with it.

16/45/0 (my preference)
20/41/0 (Vile poisons version)
20/41/0 (Riposte + Vile poisons version)


These are just a few of the potential specs you could choose to go with under the combat category. There are an infinite number of possible talent specs, you’re personal play style will determine which talents suit you better.

Need more spec advice? Rogue Arena Talent Specs

Rogue / Druid Arena Matchups:

Additional Resources:
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Rogue / Druid PvP Arena Videos
Moonkin / Rogue 2v2 Video – Buddhist and Lewt

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Author: Zuggy

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  1. still waiting for the matchup strats..

  2. hey myke, sorry for the delays. I’ve been playing a lot rogue / druid 2s lately, so I’ll see if I can at least get a few strategies roughed out in the next couple days here.

  3. Hi and thanks for the strats, I would really appreciate if you could make other matchup strats for resto druid/rogue combo. Like SS Lock/pally. Mage/rogue. SSlock/anything really, i hate locks and pallys they r by far my best adversaries, thanks again great job!!!

  4. I’ll see if I can do a few more before WotLK…my only concern is I don’t want be writing guides and strategies that are going to be obsolete when WotLK releases. For this reason I haven’t been doing many arena guides, since there are going to be vast differences in overall playstyle of the comp at 80.

  5. I totally agree with you, but since we still are 28days till release I really wanna break 1800 rating so i can get some weapons to lvl and still practice you know. We cant seem to pass the 1750 rating and sometimes its very annoying to lose against classes or matrixes that you know you should win but maybe and most proably we are doing something wrong. We are not using focus for example and am just setting that up I usually tab and then through a CC or whatever but not like its indetend. I appreciate the help, thanks again. GL

  6. I’ve actually got lots of footage of my ascent to gladiator with a druid I played with towards the end of this season. I’m not sure if it’s enough to make a full feature video, but certainly enough to do a few nice tutorials.

    I’ll see if I can those edited and out in the next few days.

  7. Well, you’re looking for a mage/rogue guide eh? I run the comp and we’ve lost to enough Druid/Rogues to know where things go wrong. Since the druid is susceptible to very little of mage/rogue’s CC you pretty much just have to abuse pillars to negate as much of the damage as possible. Rogue can kill either the mage or rogue, preferably mage as they’ll have complete control over you if left alone. You basically dps either one and stick to ‘em, they don’t have a healer and they have to get away from a Shadowstep rogue which is no easy feat. In all honesty the match is entirely in your favor if your druid is good with LoS.

  8. Yeah that would nice man thanks alot. Thing is with mage/rogue if I grab the mage the rogue will jump on me and start smaking me around, and i dont wanna use my trinket until he blinds me afterwards, then the rogue will go straight to my druid and of course am on the mage until he uses his iceblock then i got to the rogue to help my druid and then back to the mage when am done blinding the rogue or criplling poisoning him, but of course i get a sheep or blind and if i have use my trinket am done!!!! cause my druid will get blasted if i dont help him. So many times i open on the rogue if i find him and if I start witht the mage i change on the rogue, many times it works and many others it doesnt I just need a like a strong strategy to stick all the time so am not in between strategies and just trying my luck, which i hate. Anyways thanks for the help I’ll be looking forward to that guide.


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