Rogue Arena Gem Guide

rogue arena teamsSchools of thought for proper gem selection have basically completed a 180 degree turn from arena season one as compared to arena’s today. Previously, players were forced to gem very defensively, stacking stamina and resilience.

However, do to continued stat inflation, defensive stat stacking is no longer required. Without any defensive gems you can still sit comfortably at nearly 11,000 HP and 400 resilience unbuffed. This opened the door for rogues, allowing increased amounts of offensive stats to be gained and exploited, vastly increasing damage output.

Assuming you are using a complete set of PvP gear you’re sockets are going to look like this.

Helm – 2 sockets (1 meta, 1 red)
Necklace – 1 socket (1 yellow)
Shoulders – 2 sockets (1 yellow, 1 red)
Chest – 3 sockets (1 yellow, 2 red)
Bracer – 1 socket (1 yellow)
Total – 1 meta, 4 yellow, 4 red

In choosing your gems you will want to consider a few basic guidelines. First, try to get all of the socket bonuses, especially bonuses which offer additional offense. If you miss out on a resilience or stamina bonus, no big deal, but if you can pick it up without sacrificing your desire gem, go for it.

First and foremost we are going to want to get all 3 of the PvP gems. Beyond the fact that they do not cost you any gold, they are equivalent to Black Temple gems. These are an absolute must for every rogue.

Bold Ornate Ruby – Cost: 6885 Honor Points
Smooth Ornate Dawnstone – Cost: 6885 Honor Points
Insirbed Ornate Topaz – Cost: 8500 Honor Points

Keep in mind, all of these gems are “unique-equip”. Meaning even if you currently are using them in gear, you can have extras sitting in your bank in preparation for the next season.

This immediately takes care of 3 of our 9 total gems we need.

From this point we have a few options, the most ideal and the path I strongly suggest is to purchase epic gems from your badge vendor on Sunwell Island. The gems are sold from Shaani, the jewelcrafting supplies vendor on the island.

While she sells all epic gems found in high end raiding instances, the one we are most concerned with is Crimson Spinel. The cost to acquire this gem is just 15 badges, and we are going to have it cut into a bright crimson spinel.

In reality, you may be done at this point. Get your 3 honor vendor gems, 5 crimson spinels, and your meta.

Brief Interlude
Socketing Strategy
One socketing strategy I am contemplating is…

  1. Helm – 24 AP / Run speed meta + 1 Crimson Spinel
  2. Necklace – 1 Crimson Spinel
  3. Shoulders – 1 Bold Ornate Ruby + Smooth Ornate Dawnstone
  4. Chest – 2 Crimson Spinel + Inscribed Ornate Topaz
  5. Bracer – 1 Crimson Spinel

Socketing like this maximizes offensive stats and still picks up all but 2 of the socket bonuses (2 resilience and 3 HP, marginal increases at best).

Meta Gems
For most rogues, the Swift Skyfire Diamond is going to be the best option. Having run speed on your helmet allows you to get surefooted enchant on your boots. Once again, we add offense without sacrificing too much defense.

Mutilate rogues should go with a Enignmaic Skyfire Diamond. This option is available due to the fleet footed talent that you have in the assassination tree. Stacking the talent, surefooted, and the meta allows you to have a 20% resistance to snare effects, which as you may already know is huge!

Poor / Lazy Man’s Version
The above gem selection will take time and a fair bit of gold to complete. So, in the event you do not have the badges or time to farm the honor, I’d suggest just socketing with bright living rubies in place of the crimson spinels.

For your yellow slots you can use wicked noble topaz

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Author: Zuggy

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  1. If you don’t wanna shell out for swift skyfire diamond then you can just run Shadowlabs when the buff is up and get swift windfire diamond instead of 8 spirit gems gives 20 AP and minor speed increase

    requires 2 yellow and 1 red gem

  2. Yeah, you could…but with as easy as it is to farm the mats for a skyfire or just buy it, it’s hard to justify sacrificing stats.

  3. Hey,

    You say that you can best use 5 crimson spinel gems. i assume you mean 5x bright crimson spinel gems, but it says it matches a red socket.

    Can i also use them for the yellow sockets? or do i have 2 find a other gem for those?


  4. You can use them you just won’t get the socket bonuses. But as the socket bonuses aren’t particularly good in most pieces of gear it’s often better to just itemize your gear the way you want to.

    and yes, you can put red gems in yellow sockets.

  5. I am curious what the rational is behind going with AP/Crit Rating over Agility? Agility gives AP/Crit/Dodge right? I am sure there is a method to the madness and just curious. I am about 500k exp from 70 and will be mostly 2v2 and BG with a Priest, so your site has been tremendously helpful as far as advice. Thank you.

  6. If you go with ap / crit you can generally get all of the socket bonuses do the red and yellow aspects of the gem. If you get purely agility you are only getting the red side of the gem and probably won’t get all the bonuses.

    Beyond that agi really just isn’t that great. Dodge is pretty much useless in my book, I’d much rather be 100% offensive going with attack power than splitting the stats out via agility.

    If you’re shs I can understand your decision, but personally I enjoy spec’n all 3 main rogue builds, so snookering myself into a single spec’d gem set is just a poor decision.


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