Arena Strategy – Kiting, Position, and LoS

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A lot of time when we talk about arena and how to improve yourself and your team it’s about the talent specs, the composition, macros and a dozen other things. Granted, all of these items are very important, one which is often overlooked is the importance of your positioning.

So let’s just start with the basics, what exactly do I mean by positioning and LoS (line of sight)? Well, it’s basically the continual movement of your character to locate in such an area that you can avoid damage, deal damage, cast spells freely, disengage your opponent, drink, etc. (respective to your class and talent spec).

Now, a lot of players think positioning and LoS doesn’t really apply to their class, and while it may not directly affect you it’s important to understand it from your healer and casters perspective. Realizing where they need to be can dramatically increase their chances of successfully line of sighting.

Nagrand Arena provides a good template to better understand what all this means. As a healer on this map it’s important to take advantage of the obstructions which create line of sight (the pillars in this case). While your DPS class(es) may be forced into the center of the map this is not where you want to be.

arena strategy line of sight, positioning and kiting

Above you’ll see a diagram of Nagrand Arena. The green boxes are examples of possible line of sight positions on this map, while the red lines represent the actual line of sight you would have.

So really, what’s the point in positioning yourself here? Well, there are several reasons.

  • Prevents damage dealers from easily attacking or crowd controlling you
  • Allows you to quickly move to another LoS position should your current position become the new combat area, in essence, kiting
  • Allows you to drink without easily being interrupted
  • Allows you to get off heals and other casts uninterrupted

One of the biggest reasons I think line of sight healing and positioning is so important is the mana longevity factor. Now, this may be considered a bug, but it’s one which you should be actively taking advantage of. Using these line of sight positions you can cast a spell, say a greater healer. As soon as you start casting spam your drink button. If you are out of combat and spamming the drink button you will start drinking before that spell goes off and puts you in combat.

It’s very effective to cast long heals topping off your teammate, thus allowing you to drink several thousand mana back. This can have a couple of different effects, 1) a player from the opposing team will get off your teammates and come after you to stop you drinking, 2) you’ll drink to full and be in a great position to win. Either way, it’s a good thing.

Learning to effectively use the line of sight mechanic in the game can dramatically increase your performance in arena and help you get over that hump. It’s important to remember that line of sight and positioning is a constantly changing factor in the game. As a healer you’re basically forced to change positions as your DPS does so, but even getting a few drinks or full heals off in the duration of a match can be enough to secure a win.

For more position strategies check out the full guide on Line of Sight Strategy and Positioning!

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