Druid / Warrior vs. Mage / Rogue 2v2 Arena Spec

Another double DPS fight. This is one of the hardest fights. A well played team will CC the warrior, which is very easy and kill the druid. The warrior should be entirely focused on killing the rogue in this situation. If you begin to DPS him, he will try to either CC you or get away from you. If he attempts to vanish then immediately cast piercing howl or demoralizing shout to get him out of stealth. Allowing a reopen on the druid can make or break a match. Also it is imperative to keep both targets hamstringed, it will help win your matches and the druid will thank you because LoSing will be very easy.

Before the rogue is out of stealth you and the mage will be 1v1ing try to get off a charge, it will allow you to do more damage and take less damage. Either your druid will pop out to heal you or the rogue will find him, this is the worst case scenario. You should be out of LoS of the mage during the start of the fight. If the rogue pops you while you are out of line of sight, it’s not as bad, you can get some HoTs off before the mage starts hammering you (after sheeping the warrior of course). Now a good rogue will call out the he sees you but will not initiate the fight. Now the mage sheeps the warrior and comes over to where you are, then the rogue pops you, and the mage is right there ready to nuke you.

If you see the mage sheeping the warrior and running your way, it’s usually a sure sign that the rogue sees you, so hot yourself up as best you can while trying to LoS the mage before that rogue pops you. Stick to the pillar to avoid mage damage and go back into running while the warrior does his best to be on the rogue. When the rogue finds you first without HoTs is the reason many of you are saying that the druid can’t handle the damage burn, which is why it is very important that you stay out of los of the mage and hope the rogue does not see you or pops the warrior first.

Like any double DPS team, the longer you survive the better your odds or, so don’t get angry or discouraged if during the first 30 seconds of the fight it looks hopeless, survive as best as you can the fight will turn to your side after a minute or so.

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Strategy courtesy of Neurotik

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