Double Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

Recently I’ve been running into some bad 2v2 drifting on my part; however, I’ve finally found a steady partner to play with, and I have to say this is probably some of the most fun I’ve had in arenas. Dual rogue is a very simple combo, but at first it can be difficult. If healer/rogue or Caster DPS/Rogue isn’t your thing, then this is definitely for you!

Rogue Arena Talent Builds
Undoubtedly Shadowstep is just the way to go nowadays. AR/Prep used to be the prime choice, but really it’s just not worth it anymore.
One Rogue will definitely want to take a build like this:
shadowstep build
While the other may use a traditional 20/0/41(With full lethality), but definitely grab VP either way you go.

Rogue Arena Gear
Gear: This combo calls for some good damage AND survivability. Definitely grab 4/5 Vengeful and have the rest be about T6(if you have access to such gear). Gem all offensive with either Crit, AP or Agility gems.

Trinkets: This one can really vary on matches, and seeing as how you can’t change once you’ve determined your opponents Battle Master trinkets are the way to go. You may also want to have an offensive trinket like Bloodlust Brooch or Shard of Contempt, but really Battle Master’s can win you games.

Rogue Arena Team Strategies


Rogue Arena Addons
These mods are only to know when a spell is cast, or how long your CC will last.
Omni-CC: Let’s you know how long the CD’s are on your abilities, and gives you a timer on stuns, saps, blinds, etc etc

Proximo: This is just the prime add-on choice for any person who loves to arena.

Quartz: Provides you with a swing timer, focus target casting bar these come in handy. The focus casting bar allows you to see what spell your focus target is casting.

Rogue Arena Macros
Check out Zuggy’s Rogue macro page here:
rogue macros guide

Rogue / Rogue Arena Matchups:
I’ll get cracking on these soon enough, but as a general rules(like every combo): 2 dps=Kill the squishier, and Healer/DPS: Most likely bursting the healer

Rogue Arena Poisons
Both of you will probably want your crippling poison on the offhand, just so you can stick to a target easier via shiv. Usually since both of you will be downing a healer together having one rogue with Wound Poison IV and the other Mind Numbing III is a reasonable idea. Deadly poison could work, but I vote against it personally.

Rogue Racials
Every racials as something to add to this comp, and undoubtedly some are better than others.
Humans: Perception is a big one here getting that opener can decide the game
Undead: Will of the Forsaken is your pre-trinket its great
Dwarves: Combine with a cloak and vanish not even another rogue or warrior can keep you outta stealth
Gnomes: Escape artist can really come in handy for those frost mages
Blood Elves: Arcane Torrent can buy you the kill at times
Night Elves: Believe it or not shadowmeld has its uses.(I’ll demonstrate in my guides)
Trolls: Extra attack speed, why not?
Orcs: Stun Resist is never bad
Everyone has their purpose!

Strategy courtesy of S-Scythe

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Author: Zuggy

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