Blacksmithing 1-375 Leveling Guide

This guide is out of date, please view our updated guide at the following link: blacksmithing leveling guide

Blacksmithing is a great profession for some classes in World of Warcraft. Typically it’s reserved for warriors, rogues, and paladins. The profession is great because it offers some of the best plate armor and strongest weapons in the game.

You should note that even though Blacksmithing is a great profession it is something of a money drain. Due to the insane amount of materials required at certain points in the leveling process you’ll have to drop some serious gold. Though if you are a miner you can farm most of your materials on your own, certainly making the costs a bit more manageable.

That said, if you think you’re ready checkout the leveling guide below. So far it’s the fastest way I’ve found to level from 1 to 375. In addition to the items you’ll want to create I’ve included all the materials necessary for the entire leveling process.

Also, if you’re looking for additional guides on leveling your profession you need to check out Penn’s Profession Mastery. The guy is just a titan of profession, his guide details the fastest way to level up all 13 professions as well as details maps on locations of recipes, farming materials, and more.

Materials: Amount:
Rough Stone 105
Coarse Stone 80
Silver Bar 5
Rough Grinding Stone 10
Bronze Bar 120
Heavy Stone 75
Gold Bar 5
Coarse Grinding Stone 10
Iron Bar 240
Heavy Grinding Stone 70
Green Dye 30
Steel Bar 350
Solid Stone 40
Solid Grinding Stone 110
Mithril Bar 120
Dense Stone 10
Thorium Bar 330
Fel Iron Bar 110
Adamantite Bar 105
Netherweave Cloth 25

Apprenticeship Blacksmithing Level 1-75

Skill: Item: Materials: Amount:
1-25 Rough Sharpening Stone
Rough Stone x1
25-65 Rough Grinding Stone
Rough Stone x2
65-75 Coarse Sharpening Stone
Coarse Stone x1

Journeyman Blacksmithing Level 75-150

Skill: Item: Materials: Amount:
75-100 Coarse Grinding Stone
Coarse Stone x2
100-105 Silver Rod
Silver Bar x1
Rough Grinding Stone x2
105-125 Rough Bronze Leggings
Bronze Bar x6
125-150 Heavy Grinding Stone
Heavy Stone x3

Expert Blacksmithing Level 150-225

Skill: Item: Materials: Amount:
150-155 Golden Rod
Gold Bar x1
Coarse Grinding Stone x2
155-185 Green Iron Leggings
Iron Bar x8
Heavy Grinding Stone x1
Green Dye x1
185-200 Golden Scale Bracers
Steel Bar x5
Heavy Grinding Stone x2
200-210 Solid Grinding Stone
Solid Stone x4
210-215 Golden Scale Bracers
Steel Bar x5
Heavy Grinding Stone x2
215-235 Steel Plate Helm
Steel Bar x14
Solid Grinding Stone x1

Artisan Blacksmithing Level 225-300

Note: you can make Mithril Coifs instead if you don’t want to buy the Mithril Spurs pattern.

Skill: Item: Materials: Amount:
235-250 Mithril Spurs
Mithril Bar x4
Solid Grinding Stone x3
250-260 Dense Sharpening Stones
Dense Stone x1
260-275 Mithril Spurs
Mithril Bar x4
Solid Grinding Stone x3
275-295 Imperial Plate Bracers
Thorium Bar x12
295-300 Imperial Plate Boots
Thorium Bar x18

Master Blacksmithing Level 300-375

Skill: Item: Materials: Amount:
300-305 Fel Weighstone
Fel Iron Bar
Netherweave Cloth
305-320 Fel Iron Plate Belt
Fel Iron Bar x4
320-325 Fel Iron Chain Tunic
Fel Iron Bar x9
325-330 Lesser Rune of Warding
Adamantite Bar x1
330-340 Adamantite Cleaver
Adamantite Bar x8
340-350 Lesser Rune of Shielding
Adamantite Bar x1
350-360 Adamantite Weightstone
Adamantite Bar x1
Netherweave Cloth x2

As with any profession the last few points are going to be the most expensive, and therefore incredibly painful! Haha, but anyways, the easiest way to knock out these last few points is to take advantage of the reputation patterns from aldor or scryers. Below you’ll find a listing of materials you’ll need for each reputation, as well as the recommended items you should craft.

Adlor Extra Materials: Amount:
Fel Iron Bar 160
Primal Water 70
Primal Fire 60
Skill: Item: Materials: Amount:
360-370 Flamebane Gloves (Aldor Only)
Fel Iron Bar x8
Primal Water x4
Primal Fire x4
370-375 Flamebane Breastplate (Aldor Only)
Fel Iron Bar x16
Primal Water x6
Primal Fire x4
Scryer Extra Materials: Amount:
Hardened Adamatite Bar 50
Arcane Dust 220
Large Prismatic Shard 40
Skill: Item: Materials: Amount:
360-370 Enchanted Adamantite Boots (Scryer Only)
Hardened Adamantite Bar x3
Arcane Dust x12
Large Prismatic Shard x2
370-375 Enchanted Adamantite Breastplate (Scryer Only)
Hardened Adamatite Bar x4
Arcane Dust x20
Large Prismatic Shard x4
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Author: Zuggy

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  1. hey just so you know this doesnt really work. i got to the coarse grinding stone part and it took me up to lvl 88

  2. Hey Nathan,

    the values I’ve listed in the guide are more estimations than exact values. Due to the ease of gathering coarse stones you shouldn’t have any issues in just acquiring any additional materials you need to get the last few points you need.

  3. Hi,
    Isn’t there any alternative for mithril spurs? Its extremely expensive on the auction house and seems very hard to find.. Otherwise good guide thankyou.

  4. On reflection, buying the Plans:Mithril Spurs recipe from the auction house was worth the 40G to save the pain of grinding out mithril. Now all I have to look forward to is the 700 thorium bars :D

  5. yeah, thorium is the real pain.

  6. the values are incredibly wrong. you assume that even a green smite will allways rise one level of the skill.

  7. The values are not wrong, they are estimations based on minimal requirements. There is no way for me to know the extact number of materials anyone one person is going to need due to the random skill up factor.

    They are estimations / minimums and should not be taken as exact valuations.

  8. This guide is not very good. It does not make any mention of the armorsmithing/weaponsmithing quests, which can be worth doing around 225 as you sort of need to do them anyway and you will at least get skillups for them.

    Moreover, a lot of it is just absurdly inefficient. You should not make anything with thorium after 300. Several of the earlier items requiring 10+ of bars have much cheaper alternatives.

    Admittedly, this may vary based on server economy, but there’s no way that a stack of thorium costs more than a fel iron bar.

  9. Admittedly, this guide has been long overdue for an update. Sorry it took me this long, when I wrote this thorium were priced less than fel iron on most servers, hence why I chose those over fel iron.

    I’ve made some additions to the 290-320 range and I’ll see if I can get sections for the weapon specs updated as well.

  10. So, I’vegathered all the mats listed. Should I stock up on other items? Or will the listed suffice.

  11. the list above is a set of minimum guidelines, you’ll likely need additional materials.

  12. This guide is FUBAR. To many changes, 0 updates.

  13. At Skill 320, it is more efficent to make fel iron bracers instead of the tunics, since they only cost 6 bars, but are still orange until 325.

  14. to all looking at this and getting fustrated in the values…im currently workin on the values now. I’m gonna put a page on the wowwikki, so if you wait a few days or so, look there, it’ll be 100% accurate numbers based on this guide…now not saying that there might now be an easier way…but theres nothing on the wowwikki for it.

  15. Wow i wish I read the comments first. The rough sharpening stone didnt even take me to 50.

  16. Ignore me, I left some of my rough stone in the bank, i’ma dumbass :\
    Still didnt take me to where it said though, only to 53.

  17. Please note that this guide is very dated, and as such may not offer you ideal results. This guide is on my list for complete revamping in the coming weeks. Sorry for those of you who attempted to use it anyway.

  18. i think its a descent guide, has its flaws but they all do good job zuggy, all these people complaining need to realize that there luck on the draw on all yellow and green makes, will change the outcome of mats needed.

  19. there’s a typo u said “Lesser Rune of Shielding” it is “Lesser ward of Shielding”

  20. i followed this tut…its fine. thank you for posting this

  21. Hey man do u have somthing like this for enginering?
    If anyone knows anything comment back please.

  22. currently no

  23. yeah ok thanks man and the site is great

  24. This guide was perfect for me, thanks alot Zuggy! Although I’m playing on a TBC private server, so every time I make “Green” skill items, I get 1 xp, wich was perfect to me. Shame you didn’t mention the weaponsmith/armorsmith quests, but nevermind. Thanks again!

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