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xperl unit frames

No custom user interface is complete without ditching the stock Blizzard unit frames. The blizzard frames are anything but “ideal, they are small, poorly positioned, and offer the user little information, especially for raiders. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of unit frame addons out there to help us out.

1. X-Perl Unit Frame
Perl has basically been around forever, I can remember using the very first versions of this module in AQ40. Overall, it’s just a great unit frame. It comes equipped with all the normal features you’d expect an addon to have; range finder, HoT monitor, raid frames, debuff highlighting, raid target icon, raid tooltip, in-combat indicators, 3D portraits, red and green combat flashes, timers, and configurable colors, just to name a few.

Setup on this mod is extremely fast, out of the box it’s pretty much ready to go and doesn’t require very much customization to get to looking good.
Download X-Perl Unit Frames

2. Pitbull Unit Frame

pitbull unit frames

Pitbull is built on the Ace2 library of functions and as such uses very little memory. As far as features go, Pitbull tops all other addons. If you can dream it, chances are it’s an option in Pitbull.

While this feature has it’s appealing nature, it’s also a big negative for many users. Pitbull will take some time to setup. With so many available options the first couple times you configure the addon could be painful, especially if you are a perfectionist about your U.I. like I am.

Keep in mind, the screenshot above is just one possible U.I. you could create using Pitbull. There infinitely more complex (or simplistic) iterations you could build using the options available in this addon.

Download Pitbull Unit Frames

3. AG Unit Frames
AG unit frames may look suspiciously like Pitbull to you, that’s because it was created using the same scripts. Essentially AG unit frames is a more simplistic version of pitbull. It offers less functionality, but as a result the setup time is pretty quick.

ag unit frames

The major draw back for me on this addon was not having a range finder, you may find other quarks you dislike about it, but overall it’s a solid mod that offers a minimalistic feel that’s quick and easy to setup.

Download AG Unit Frames

4. Healbot Unit Frames
Though I haven’t had a chance to personally try out healbot in raids, It looks pretty solid from what I’ve heard and read. Healbot is built with the raid healer in mind and is packed with features to help you including: 20 key mouse combinations to cast any beneficial spell, usable items can be added to combos, macros can be added, target, focus, and assist can be

added, displays aggro, decurisve functions, monitor buffs / debuffs, configurable appearance, raid sync, range checker, etc.

Download Healbot

Additional Unit / Raid Frame Addons
In addition to the above addons I’ve listed you may consider using some of the following.

proximo arena addonProximo generates a small box (moveable via alt + dragging) that populates the names of your arena opponents and their current HP percentage. In addition, you can set certain bindings off the frame.

For example, a left click on a player in the frame could cast a sheep, set it as your focus, etc.

Download Proximo

Grid Raid Unit Frame
Grid is an ideal solution if you have a unit frame that doesn’t provide very good raid frames. For me this was the ideal solution, since AG unit frames did not have a range checker.
best unit frame addon
Grid creates a small frame and fills it with a box for each member of your raid or party. From there each box is broken down into various sections which display various data; debuffs, buffs, aggro, HP, etc. All of which is 100% customizable.

Check out my full write up on grid raid unit frames for more information.

Download Grid

Think you’ve got an awesome unit frame addon that should be added to this list? Post yours below!

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