2v2 Mage Arena Strategy and Tips

Disclaimer: Playing as a Mage in 2v2 is viable and will get you your desired rating of 1850 or 2000. However, it should be something you do for fun–you will save yourself alot of stress this way. Just remember, for every mage above 2k there are about 30+ druids.

That being said, I wanted to make my first Mage arena guide something very basic.
Before starting, the most important DO for mages in arena is getting a “viable” partner. Fortunately for mages, they are a wild card (trademark ;) ) dps class–meaning that as long as they are running with another DPS class it will be viable. Most mages opt for a rogue partner as I have done, but your partners are not limited to rogues. If you’re asking yourself right now… “Why not a healer?”, i’m going to assume you do not play a mage and therefore do not realize why this would not work. Anyways, I digress.


1) Ice Block Timing

This is where I see Mages screwing up time and time again. For some unexplainable reason, Mages have this automated response to the “Low Health” warning as “IC3 BLOK TIM3!” To shortly explain why this is bad, I will now make a horrible analogy and you will love it. Using ice block to avoid death is like taking a megaphone and yelling to the entire arena: “HEY EVERYONE, I AM ABOUT TO DIE AND AM IN ALOT OF DANGER…OK?”. This announcement will lead to an either of two crappy situations: they will CC your partner and wait for your 10 sec immune to end, or they will 2v1 your helpless partner.
Use ice block to avoid damage and NOT death. Most probably your partner has no healing abilities and you will save yourself the match in most instances if you follow this basic rule of thumb. Some examples you ask? If a rogue is glowing red and sprinting at you screaming jihad while foaming from the mouth, now would be a good time to ice block. If a warrior has a full rage bar and is looking to use your kleenex armor as a polishing rag, now would be a good time to iceblock. /end crappy examples

2) Water Elemental Strategy

To avoid a lengthy opener, Mages… PLEEAAASSEEE summon your pet on passive mode. Make it obey you like the little slave it is. I have fought several mage/rogue teams where there water elemental has actually water bolted me out of their rogue’s blind. This is really a pathetic way of losing a match. Set your water elemental macro to summon on passive and I also recommend keybinding pet attack to a button, therefore if you target switch (which mage teams do alot), you will not have to worry about ol’ squishy disagreeing with your change of focus. Always pay attention to who your elemental is attacking, put up a pet’s target frame if you have to… just make sure it is ALWAYS on your kill target

3) Crowd Control vs. DPS

As a mage in 2v2 (hell, in any bracket) your basic role should always be CC. If there are targets that need to be controlled, CONTROL THEM! Your partner can do damage too, let him do it. Alot of mages seem to have this mindset that if they are not constantly doing damage then they will not win. If you are running with a rogue, chances are they will hold there own in 1v1 as ShS. Make sure that healer doesn’t give his partner an unfair advantage over your rogue. In general (do not always follow this) most arena matches I run involves me running around CC’ing and casting instants on our target, only stopping to chain Kidney Shot with a Shatter Combo. I have seen too many mages cast spells as their partner is getting their ass torn open while me and our partner are running free. Remember, even if DR are in effect, your snares count as CC also against melee classes.

4) Mana Shield

“The spell is so bad that if it were allowed to be cast on enemy players, it would be overpowered”
– WoW Mage Forums

5) Mage Invisibility

Alot of mages like to enter an arena with this up to initiate an “element of surprise” in their enemies. There is in fact nothing wrong with this, on paper at least. Lets take some real life examples (actually happened) that allowed me to learn the hard way of why it is better to save this spell:
– you pop invisibility only to be met by a warlock staring you straight in the face, Result: wasted cooldown, no gain
– you pop invisibility against a double stealth team, great… now what? your partner can’t communicate anything to you. And chances are, you could end up uncloaking right infront of a rogue, Result: wasted cooldown, possible bad start up
-you pop invisibility, get a good opener w/ surpise, now your left to 1v1 somebody and have no mana or health to do it…invisibility could have saved you the match here, Result: possible lost match
You can get where i’m getting at here, we have actually won matches before due to me getting several ticks of a drink off due to invisibility. Not only that, it has helped me evade death before to bandage back up. Save this cooldown, you’ll know when to use it… trust me. It is highly situational, but yields high gains if saved for the right team. Remember, you are not a stealthing class.

6) Using Rank 1 Spells

Frost Nova: Freeze is a capped duration, higher rank damage costs more mana for crappy damage.

Polymorph: In pvp only, CC is capped at 10 seconds. Rank 1 lasts up to about 20 (iirc). It saves you mana for the same duration of CC

Frostbolt: While kiting, using this to refresh a snare can be life saving. Set it to a [shift] modifier of your normal frostbolt key for maximum effectiveness

Cone of Cold: Same as Frostbolt, only during extreme kiting.

7) Your not a mogul, wand it up baby!

Key bind your wand. There is nothing I can stress more than this. Other than to actually USE it. If you are locked down with nothing else to do… wand. Any bit of damage will help. I have actually won matches due to a wand while OOM before. There is no excuse not to use it– regardless of how “marginal” the damage may seem

That is all for now though, it was a little longer then intended… but that’s not my fault now is it . This barely scratches the surface of mage strategy in arena, but some people just need some basic ground rules put out for them.

Strategy courtesy of Orichi

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Author: Zuggy

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  1. Wow. This is an amazing post. I was using rank 1 frostbolts, but I hadnt thought to use rank 1 frost nova and rank one polymorph. Thanks.

  2. This is not that bad… good job and thank you….. but i really should say that 90% frost mages dont know what they really have with cold snap and frost nova Coc… When you go iceblock + elemental…… you get cd\s on them…… but if you just waste your coldsnap for that cd cancelling shit that is lame…… when you have to do this Fire COne of Cold than Cold snap and Cone of cold again….. 2x dmg ;) p.s watch your mana when your doing this

  3. good points Devald.

  4. Ok, I understand now about cc with 1 ranks. But in your exp, what would be better for a partner, a rogue, dps or tank warrior (dont have many fury warriors friends) or a hunter??

    I think that a hunter can also cc with his traps, but dont know how efficient that would be.

  5. I would be lean more towards the rogue as they offer significantly more control on command, which is really needed for double DPS mage teams.

  6. iceblock is also really good for wiping all dots, and i use it a lot for blink CD.
    makes a mage a lot more survivable when you can get out of there

    also using rank 1 polymorph and frostnova doesn’t work anymore, because they coast the same mana.

  7. Some things are good, some seem not so good. Most of this only pplies to frost mages. I’ve tried both frost and arcane (and fire just for fun, but it stunk), and arcane is much better if u no what ur doing. If your speced arcane and your smart, you can time ice block and an instant invisibility correctly and get away and evocate. Almost as good as a pally bubble. But the main thing i would say to help any mages is to realize frost isnt the only way to go for pvp.

  8. you’ve missed alot of things out… i do arena with a rogue and i gladly admit to anyone that will listen.. i suck..

    this post has helped me abit but i wodnered if u could tell me about the following

    where,when and whats the best situation to pop mirror image

    my minds gone blank atm so i cant remember the name, but the last spell on the frost spec tree that freezes your opponent, i basicly use it as another counterspell… to interrupt casting, is there a better way to use it?

    id just like to put forward this idea, if your against a priest (for whatever reason) i find it better to polymorph the priest and wait for its CD’s HOTS and shield to dissapear instead of wasting mana to spellsteal. (dont do this when the priest is at low health)

    against shamans they always seem to do a heck load of burst dps.. i dont stand a chance against this as even if i use ice block it only lasts for 10 secs (and the sham will nuke my partner) if i ice block and blink he will either nuke my partner or chase me, if i polymorph then it goes back to full health and the other partner is usually on me aswell, so really im asking whats the easiest way to get off a good CC on a shaman as my ice barrier dissapears immediatly when hit by a few of there spells.

    when me and my partner start (he is stealthed ofc) im left to face the wrath of 2 angry enemies… if its a class that can stun, im usually out of it before i can polymorph 1 of them and they both start nuking me and my partner doesnt have time to do much what should i do then?

    last 1 ;)

    when im against 2 mages and they both pop mirror image on me… i try to ice block/ice shield/ frost nova them all and blink.. but i usually die straight away.. this usually doesnt matter as my partner can easily take on 2 mages but thats not always the case.. is there something i should do to stop myself getting blown up by numerous mirror images

  9. Thanks for the additions, Sean. This article is quite a bit dated, so it doesn’t have a lot of the things you mentioned. I’m sure your revisions will help further provide useful information to aspiring mages.

  10. Hello Zuggy.

    I so appreciate your help, thank you. I cant wait to try off these things, which i have actually thought of, but forgot all bout (due to smoking too much of dat erb’) anyways. Thank you so much :)

    Anyhow, i think you should mention : It’s not all about your mage skills, its also about finding a partner who has a brain and knows what is up.. You cant carry a partner if you are googling help. Im sorry, same shit with me:)


    – Mads

  11. Mads,

    Very good point, having the right partner in 2v2 can really make or break the team.

  12. Well I was reading this and obviously it is outdated, but most of the things here are good and are for people who are new to the bracket.

    Make a more advanced one please



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