Rogue / Prest 2v2 Arena Strategy

The rogue / priest (healer) combo is one of the most dominant setups in 2v2 currently. The combo dominants because of it’s ability to play both incredibly offensively and also turtle down and spam drink for long games. This type of flexibility makes the team a threat vs. all combos.

Let’s start with the basics, the talent specs. We’ll begin with the rogue.
Rogue’s Arena Talent Spec
The big thing on the rogue’s talent spec is having a build which can maintain long duration and high sustainable damage. Fortunately there are a couple of specs which fit this criteria. Basically, you’ve got deep combat (20/41/0) or mutilate (41/20/0). Now there are several variations of each spec, I prefer the 16/45/0, but there are an endless number of possible specs.

Some will try to argue shadowstep for this team setup, but in my experience you just don’t have enough damage to be a big enough threat in longer battles. If you need further advice on specs checkout this page, rogue arena talent specs.

Priest’s Talent Spec
The big thing about the priest’s talent spec is maximizing your offensive capabilities. Even though you are the healer it’s important that you can toss out strong damage against particular combos.

I strongly suggest going with this spec, discipline priest spec. This is the talent spec that my priest uses for 2v2 and it allows him to drop some serious damage burst. As with any talent spec you’ve got some options, but the number one thing to remember is you absolutely must maximize your offensive capabilities with the talent spec.

That’s enough about talent spec, let’s get right into the team vs. team strategies.

Rogue / Priest 2v2 Matchups:

Druid / Hunter
Druid / Warlock
Druid / Warrior
Druid / Rogue
Mage / Rogue
Mage / Warlock
Paladin / Warlock
Paladin / Warrior
Priest / Rogue
Priest / Warlock
Shadow Priest / Rogue
Shadow Priest / Warlock
Shaman / Warrior
Warlock / Rogue

Can’t get enough strategy? Check out the complete rogue / priest 2v2 arena guide.

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  1. I run a disc priest in 2’s with a rogue and i’m curious when is the best time to use power infusion? I use it typical for fast mana burning when my rogue has a healer stunned. I also think about using it when the healer is fear’d or CC’d and our target is at 40% or less.. i’ll pop power infusion and go for smite and try to rip off some dps quickly. Are there are times I should consider using power infusion. Also if I have inner focus i setup a macro to use that before shadow word death when going for a killing blow.. a quick crit shadow word death may finish of our target at just the right time.

    Battlegroup: Nightfall

  2. I think you’re on the right track with your PI. Generally speaking any time when you can get full use out of the time. So just as you’ve said, when the target is stunned / feared away you should be using it. Typically I think it’s better to mana burn with it as opposed to heal…however, don’t be afraid to use it for healing purposes if your rogue is getting bombed on.


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