Priest / Rogue vs. Priest / Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

Ah..the dreaded mirror match. Truly a battle of wills here, it basically comes down to 2 1 vs. 1 matches going on at the same time. The rogues are going to be fighting each other and the priests are going to be duking it out.

From the priest’s perspective you want to do everything you can to win the mana burn battle. It’s much better to go out firing these early than to try and play catch up later. Ideally you want to be burning when the other priest is trying to heal. Just going out and mana burning each other at the same time is a pretty weak strategy and not one which I would rely on.

From the rogue’s perspective, well, do what you know how to do best, 1v1. Do everything you can take maximize your damage on the rogue, mean while be aware of the priests position. A well timed drive by kick or gouge can be devastating. In addition, always be on the look out for when the priest uses his trinket. The blind / sap combo is always a strong move.

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